Can You Run Faster Than This Ad by Asics?.

Here’s a wonderful—though potentially hazardous—out-of-home execution for Asics running shoes by ad agency Vitro. Timed to the ING New York City Marathon this past weekend, Asics installed a 60-foot video wall in the Columbus Circle subway station and challenged passersby to race against top U.S. marathoner Ryan Hall. Of course, few people could keep up with his 6-foot-10 stride length and 4:46 mile pace, even for 60 feet. (He chugs along like that for 26.2 miles.)

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Zombie Apocalypse and Gerber Legendary Blades a match made in social media heaven.

The Walking Dead

For those of you not familiar with The Walking Dead it’s a TV series about zombies or more accurately about zombie survival. Its a well paced action packed well directed and thoughtful production. Nothing we haven’t seen it before – band of struggling survivors get together to fight the zombie hordes, betrayal, redemption, heroics and head splattering ensue along the road to find a cure for the virus that started it all.

Season 2 aired a couple of weeks ago. In the last episode the survivors stumbled upon a Survivor Pack of Gerber Gear – machetes, hunting knives, hatchet etc.

The Gerber Survival Kit - Screen shot from The Walking Dead season 2

Ok so normally i think product placement is a bit of a joke with the exception of Buffs® teaming up with Survivor. But in this case its not only brilliant product placement but its relevant too. Gerber for many years have been at the forefront of great blades and tools for hunting and survival. This campaign has a simple truth and insight to it which makes this matching work for both parties really well. If you want dispatch zombies you need to use the best available tools. The Walking Dead get credibility with the survivalist and hunting community and Gerber get great coverage and engaging content for their social media channels. The survivors are excited in the episode to find the Survival kit, and tools from the kit will be used throughout the second season integrating Gerber gear as key survival tools for the characters.

Gerber Legendary Blades website

Whats really interesting is how there has been so much interest from fans of the show about the kit. So much that due to the initial success of the launch, Gerber’s website crashed from heavy traffic. Fans are clamoring for the gear and more specifically a full Survivor Pack of gear. Gerber is now considering releasing full packs for purchase. Gerber’s Facebook page garnered over 3,000 new Likes and much online discussion within the first eighteen hours of the episode having aired.  In support of key product placement, the digital media focused campaign utilizes ads on AMC’s website and specific viewer content on The Walking Dead Facebook page to drive traffic to Gerber’s online channels.  Following the premiere and throughout the season viewers are directed to and Gerber’s Facebook page that includes an Apocalypse Survival tab giving fans a chance to win tools featured on the show.

The campaign was created by mutt industries (who have recently rebranded Gerber) and Poh Media.